Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (Formerly Spanish Sahara/Not UN Member), Wildlife in Desert: Set of 2 Stamps (1992 and 1993)

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Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is a disputed territory in Maghreb, North-West Africa, on the Western edge of the Sahara desert, flanking the Atlantic Ocean, claimed by both Morocco and Mauritania. Between 1923 and 1976, the territory was known as Sahara Espanol or Spanish Sahara. 

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is a full-member of the African Union. The Polisario Front, supported by Algeria and USSR proclaimed independence of the Sahrawi Republic from Spain in 1976.  


Sahara OCC Series 

Size of Stamps: 25x 31.5 mm 




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25 x 31.5 mm 25 x 31.5 mm

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